Kevin proposed outside of the gorgeous Merrimans at Kapalua Bay. He had arranged for me to photograph the proposal weeks before, and little did Kellie know the red hibiscus flower I’d placed on the ground was the marker for Kevin’s place to drop the knee.

      Overlooking the stunning Kapalua Bay, Kevin picked up the flower and placed it in Kellie’s ear as he shared words only she could hear. I was, after all, hiding in the bushes a bit away. He pulled her in for a hug then did the smoothest move I’ve yet to see – a simple little twirl as he dropped to a knee.

      Kellie’s reaction was beyond joy – a love so palpable burst through her that even I felt high just being able to capture the feeling in this moment. She screamed YES! and cried tears of joy. Kevin had a chilled bottle ready to celebrate and she quickly realized as this was a great surprise to her, it was a beautifully well thought out plan by him.

      As the storm rolled in we drove to the Honolua Forest where he had a beautiful setup ready for her, celebrating the whole time. Along the way, I pulled over on the side of the road for an opportunity to photograph at the iconic Pineapple Hill – as they dip-kissed in the street surrounded by a lush line of pine trees in the pouring rain.

      We walked through Honolua Forest, or as they aptly call ‘The Avatar Forest,’ and Kellie was once again shocked by a twinkle-lit table for two. Adorned with her all time favourite, chocolate covered strawberries and of course, more bubbles to celebrate!

      If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we need to keep those that can weather the storms with us close and remember to always dance in the rain – both metaphorically and seriously here. And perhaps we should all take a page out of Kevin’s book of romance because wow! He really knocked it out of the park.